Neighborness in a neighborhood

This subproject looks into neighboring relationships on the microlevel. It considers the
phenomenon of neighborness in the sense of co-existence and co-habitation of people who live
in close proximity and engage in regular everyday interactions on different occasions. The
subproject focuses on permanent residents of Finland and immigrants from Russia living in
Finland. The research aims to analyze how neighborness occurs and how it is exercised between
people of different migration backgrounds, residential biographies and neighboring experiences. We seek to explore the emerging forms of solidarities or conflicts, distribution of power, everyday practices of neighboring, spatial aspects of neighboring (such as private and public spaces — their boundaries, their use) and other questions that may arise in the course of the study.

The key research sites for this subproject are Tohmajärvi and Imatra — two Finnish towns with a
remarkable Russian population. We also consider Helsinki as the third research site.
Working group: Olga Brednikova (CISR), Virpi Kaisto (UEF), Olga Davydova-Minguet (UEF), Pirjo Pöllänen (UEF).